Learning English: Dental Vocabulary (歯科)

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Learning English: Dental Vocabulary (歯科)

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Dentistry 齿科学

Dentist 牙医
Dental hygienist 洗牙师

Gums 牙龈
Front teeth 前牙,门牙
Molars = back teeth 后牙,大牙
Fangs = tiger teeth 犬齿
Baby teeth 乳牙
Permanent teeth 成人牙

Dentures 假牙
Braces 牙套
Floss 牙线

=>I use dental floss in stead of toothpick to floss my teeth.
Mouthwash 漱口水
=>I use mouthwash to rinse my mouth after I eat garlic.
Toothbrush 牙刷
Bristles 牙刷毛
Fluoride 氟

Have a toothache 牙痛
Cavity / tooth decay 牙洞,虫牙
=>I have three cavities in my teeth.
=>My teeth decayed.
Tartar 牙石
=>To scrape the tartar off
Plaque 牙菌斑
Gum disease 牙周病
Absess 牙齿肿烂

A checkup 检查
To fill a cavity 补牙
To drill 钻牙
Use anesthetic to freeze your mouth 用麻醉药麻醉嘴
Pull out/ remove/ extract a tooth 拔牙
Tooth whitening
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