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Finance And Investment

Freedom is not for free.

A garbage is a garbage, no matter how cheap it is.

-- マーク・トウェイン (トム・ソーヤーの冒険)

-- クリス・ガートナー (駐車違反で服役し、子連れのホームレスとして地下鉄の駅などで暮らした黒人男性が、その後、証券業界で成功を収め、億万長者となった。ガートナー・アンド・リッチ証券会社を設立。)

Better a little caution than a great Regret.





Finishing rich: it's ultimately not about the money; it's about the feeling of freedom that comes from knowing you're in control of your destiny. And it's never too late to start. -- David Bach

iDog: Becoming a successful investor/enterpreneur is more about how comfortable you feel, than how hard you try on it. When you get relaxed and feel comfortable, you become confident about what you are doing and therefore more likely to do your best. I learned this lesson from Kungfu and marginal trading. I used to be very nervous when trading marginally, and hence lost a lot of money. Now I just take that as ordinary trading/investment, and keeping the position for a longer term.

在过去的5次市场动荡中,经济学家预测到了15次。 -- 经济学泰斗弗里德曼

除非你是比尔·盖茨,否则你跟破产之间仅有一场重病之隔。 -- 美国进行的一项调查发现,美国有半数破产者是被猛涨的医药费用所拖累,主持这项调查的一位教授如此感叹

百万富翁不得入内 -- 如果你只有100万美元资产,那你根本无法眷顾店里的商品。